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Up to 30% Off Appliance Special Buys 
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Up to 30% Off Appliance Special Buys
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  • Up to 25 percent off furniture
  • Up to 25 percent off wall décor
  • Up to 30 percent off home accents
  • The Home Depot now offers free shipping on over 400,000 items online for most orders over $45 and free in-store pick up (40,000 items ready to pick-up in 2 hours or less). See product descriptions for free shipping eligibility or select the "Pick Up in Store" option at checkout.

    WOWPoints cannot be used towards the purchase of gift cards, nor will you earn WOWPoints on gift card purchases.

    Discount already displayed for eligible items. Offer is redeemable online only and cannot be combined with any other offers. Gift Cards/Certificates purchased from this Merchant do not apply unless stated otherwise. Savings will only be delivered when you purchase through the link provided on this page. If you visit this Merchant through other websites prior to your purchase, you will not receive the program savings. Tax and shipping costs do not apply unless stated otherwise. Points will be credited within 1 billing cycle after a valid purchase in accordance with the terms of this offer has been completed and verified. You may lose your savings when you return purchased item(s).

    The Home Depot
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    Earn 1 WOWPoint per $1 Spent
    The Home Depot allows you to
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